As any non profit police explorer post knows, fundraising is most likely the only way to pay for the posts needs. The type of fundraisers your post does, and how often is what really matters. I’ve heard a lot of explorer post’s doing car washes for their fundraising. This is a great idea, but does it pull in a lot of money? Not usually, and you can only do this a few times a year. There are tons of other types of fundraisers out there, which do not require the safety risk of going door to door.

In my final years as an explorer, I was in charge of the fundraising. It was a great and a fun experience for me to handle such an important task for my post. One of the best fundraisers we did, that made a lot of money, was clothing orders and coffee mug orders. The clothing orders made probably the most income for our post, and the police department loved that time of year, when they can order new clothes. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that all explorer post’s look into this for their fundraising needs.

I am going to give you all the information on how to get a clothing and mug order started, if your explorers post does not already do this. Please before you proceed with anything; make sure you go through the proper channels to get this fundraiser approved.

Clothing Orders:

My explorer post personally went through North American Embroidery. Your department can also go through this company, because they cater all over the USA. I recommend that you visit their website at and request a catalog. My explorers post order form allowed for employees of the police department to order and personalize their clothing.

The sizes we offered were XS-2XL (Large sizes would cost an additional $4.00), we also gave a choice between colors. The colors will be different per your department’s colors; my department was blue and yellow so we offered a variety of colors. We also let the employees choose to have our department badge on the clothing, along with a name of their choosing. Also, whatever items you choose, put them on the order form, so your buyers can see what they are buying. I will include a picture at the end.

The types of clothing we offered and our prices were:

Cotton T-Shirt – $13.00

Crew Neck Sweat Shirt – $24.00

Nylon V- Neck Pullover $28.00

Hooded Sweat Shirt – $32.00

Zipper Hooded Sweat Shirt – $32.00

Sweat Pants – $28.00

Jacket – $40.00

You can work with these numbers if you want, but we went with these item and numbers, which made the employees happy and made us a profit.

North American Embroidery’s contact information is as followed.

Toll free 1-800-348-3131

435 Kietzke Lane

Reno, Nevada


If you are not from Nevada, then check with them on shipping fees, because you may need to rearrange your prices.

Mug Orders:

Mug Barn


250 Penny Ln.
Grants pass OR, 97527

For the mug orders, we allowed for only white cups, with the option of having a name included for .50 per letter of the name. All mugs included the department’s badge.

11 oz. Mug – $12.00

15 oz. Mug – $15.00

I hope this information can help your explorer post, as it was wonderful for mine.



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“Always have integrity for your beat” – Vasquez

This quote goes a long ways, and can be so powerful.

Observation is an extremely important tool to have as a police officer, and it could mean life or death if you are not aware of your surroundings. An explorer should posse observation skills as well. It could help the officer you are riding with, if and when they are distracted by talking to citizens. Many of the officers that I would ride with were very big on keening in those skills with the explorers. You should be able to give your location at anytime while on patrol, because if your partner becomes incapacitated, you may be their only chance of relaying your location to dispatch and fellow officers.

An officer, whom I frequently rode with before he transferred to the traffic team, would tell me to close my eyes while he drove around for a few minutes. I would then open my eyes to see for instance an alley, and would then have 10 seconds to tell him my location. I could not use the MDT map or radio; I simply had to go off of my surroundings. In this case, you could look for addresses on garbage cans in the alley. It was hard, but I picked it up quickly and I look back now and see why he taught me such an important tactic.

So for you all, I have included an observation practice test. They are fun, and worth it. No cheating! 🙂

Scenario #1: Examine the photograph shown for two (2) minutes, and then answer the questions below.





1.) How many objects are in the picture, not counting the victim?

2.) What is the victim wearing?

3.) Name three (3) objects in the picture.

4.) Are the victims legs crossed?

5.) What is pictured to the right of the victims head?


For more scenarios like this, you can visit:

A little about myself

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My name is Brittany and I am a former Police Explorer of 7 years. I was extremely dedicated to my department, and wore my uniform proudly. I worked very hard to gain the respect of the officers in my department, and I truly believe I accomplished that before I left the program. I would spend hundreds of hours monthly doing work around the department, going on ride a longs, coming in after a shift just to help the officers with their paperwork, and even working with our K9 team as an agitator for our 2 canines. I loved every single minute of those 7 years, and miss it each and every day. I learned so much from so many officers, and they are all hero’s to me, and so I dedicate this blog to those men and women, who taught me more then just policing, but life as well.

I decided to start this blog to help those of you who might be interested in pursing a career in law enforcement. My goal for this blog is to give you the kind of information that only someone who participated in the explorers program can. For instance, how to gain the respect of the police officers in your department. I would like to help you learn the amazing information I myself learned as an explorer, and further help you pursue your goals.

I will periodically post stories of my ride a longs, that made an impression or were memorable to me. I will also post useful information that could help your explorer post, and other fun and useful material.

Thanks for reading my blog

“Only hard work, will give you the valuable respect you are looking for”

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